The Makings of a Business: How a Gamble on Sausages Paid Off

Not many people know about the surprising rise of the Viking Sausage company and how it all began back in 1998. Here we share with you the story of how a middle-aged man named Howard Wilks turned a dream into a reality from the most unlikely of events that came his way.

Howard Wilks was born in 1969, son to a butcher that tended to the Wilks Meat Emporium. Howard’s father passed and the business was then abruptly ended. Howard would complete his grammar boy schooling and after, get a job as a store assistant. Some years passed in Howard’s life with changes in his career and slowly developing an interest once again in his father’s profession as a butcher. By now Howard is at the age of 25, still at home with his mother and sister.

Howard by now wanted to run his own butchery so he began working at Granary Hall Market where he took a job with Mr. Eccles to learn the craft. After 5 years of learning the trade and business, Howard would go on to running the stalls and producing his own variations on the produce they would sell.

In 1999, Howard developed a range of sausage products, concocting various flavours such as apple and stilton pork sausages and roasted onion pork sausages. The response was mixed at first and with the encouragement of the owner Mr. Eccles, Howards would take the produce and set up a separate stall away from the market to help expand the awareness of the business and yet, not have his products fully attributed to Mr. Eccles store, just in case it put people off. In the meanwhile, he founded this site:

6 months passed and Howard’s sausages are still providing business, one customer asks if he as a store and if not, he should. Howard neither answered nor gave wind to the fact that he actually worked for Mr. Eccles. The penny dropped and he realised that he could do this for himself.

In April of 2000, Howard would be introduced to an online casino by his friend showing him the many ways he could make money safely through betting online and thusly be able to help him fund his first business. The options were vast with roulette and poker games, but what seemed simple enough was the free slots machines online in USA. In no less than 3 months, Howard managed to amass a saving of profit from the slot machine of £3,000. This was enough to rent out a store on the high street and pay the first 6 months’ rent. Howard opened up his first store simply called Howard’s. He continues to pursue the enjoyment of playing online. Once night Howard showed a particular interest in a slot called Vikings Journey™. He played and he won, Howard won a jackpot payment of £150,000 and was subsequently able to project his sausage empire and call it Viking Sausages. The rest, as they say, is history.