Viking Sausages Are Some of the Best Sausages Around

Market Rasen is a small town in the county of Lincolnshire. It is a picturesque town that is extremely popular with hikers as there are some fantastic country walks just five minutes away from the town centre. However, these walks are not only the only good thing about this market town.

What Else is There?

Well, if you are a meat lover, the Viking Butcher shop is a must visit. Here you can find delicious cuts of meat from a whole range of animals such as cows, chickens, pigs, ducks, and deer, but it is safe to say that our homemade Viking sausages are the talk of the town.

We make these sausages daily and fill them with delicious pork and beef as well as an array of the tastiest herbs. Think of the best sausages that you have tried, multiply the taste by five, and you can get some sort of understanding as to just how tasty our sausages are.

If you think that we might be exaggerating a bit, feel free to ask some of the locals. We are 100% certain that they will back up our words.


If you come into our shop and find that we are out of Viking sausages, don’t worry as we will be more than happy to make you some while you wait. We can make you twelve delicious sausages in about ten minutes flat.

We Don’t Only Attract Locals

Most of our customers are locals and regulars, but we also get a lot of outsiders visit our shop to purchase some of our popular Viking sausages.

People come from all over Lincolnshire to hike around our countryside and before they head off home, they make sure to pick up some tasty sausages that they can have for their tea.

They Are Not as Expensive as You Would Think

You are probably thinking that our Viking sausages will be very expensive due to how popular they are, but we assure you that this is not the case.

For example, we will give you 12 freshly made sausages for £3.99. Okay, you will probably argue that you can buy a pack of twelve sausages from Iceland for just under £2.00, but do you really think that they are made using fresh ingredients? They are made using ingredients that have been sitting around all day and were close to being chucked in the bin.

We care about all of our customers and want you to always have quality sausages, but to ensure that this is the case, we just have to charge a little bit extra. Once you have tried your first Viking sausage, you will realise that the extra couple of quid is more than worth it.